Black & White Film


Black & White Process & Scanning Services – All of our B&W film is developed in a rotary processor using HC-110 developer. This produces what we believe to be the best results for tonal range and control of the grain structure. However, other developers such as Rodinal, XTOL and DD-X are available upon request. All B&W scans include additional post-processing for final tone curves, contrast and removal of dust as needed.

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Black & White Negative Film

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Film Size

35mm, 35mm Panoramic, 120, 220, 4×5, 110/126/127/130


Process & Scan, Scan-Only (Already Developed), Process-Only

Scan Size

Normal (8"), Large (12"), X-Large (16"), None

Push / Pull

None, Push +1, Push +2, Push +3, Pull -1, Pull -2, Pull -3